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My Name Is Andrew Sillitoe...

I’m really excited to welcome you to my flagship programme 'The 4 Keys Workshop'!

Back when I was trying to get my own business off of the ground, I believed that to truly be successful I needed to be 110% focused on business and that everything else was a distraction.

🛑 I believed that I could thrive on 5 hours of sleep.

🛑 I believed I should put exercise on hold until I made my business a success.

🛑 I was a weekend husband and dad, putting more effort into my clients and the Team GB locker room than my own family.

🛑 I told my family that vacations were a luxury and we'd have to wait until the business was more profitable.

🛑 I spent tens of £1000's on qualifications, read books and completed course after course to try and feel more confident.

Listen, here’s the truth...all of these things can help you succeed as a business leader. But while you're hyper-focused on your career, your health will deteriorate, your partner will leave you, your relationships with your kids will become toxic and your career will suffer because everything else is falling apart.

I experienced this first hand.

Think About it Like This...

As a business psychologist:

✅ I can give you all the tools to help you have a successful career but who will you share your success with if your marriage breaks down?

✅ I can help you lead an organisation but how will you enjoy it if you are overweight and at risk of heart disease?

✅ I can help you become wealthy so you can buy the latest gadgets, cars and houses, but will you be happier if you don’t change your mindset?

You Don’t Need To Neglect Your Health, Relationships and Mindset When Pursuing a Successful Career.

Tackling The 4 Keys Head On Will Yield Dramatic Results

Inside the 4 Keys Workshop I'm teaching you the fundamentals of living a life in true balance and I will debunk the work/life balance myth...

(...the same fundamentals that saved my marriage, got me back feeling healthier and stronger at 44 than I did at 24, and is helping me and 1000's of business leaders without sacrificing our health, relationships and mindset. )

Don't take our word for it

"You immediately start to transform physically and mentally"


Here's What You're Going to Learn Inside The 4 Keys Workshop

  • How To Define Your Vision And Purpose

    A clear vision is key to your success! Learn how to use the power of visualisation across each of the 4 keys, so you have absolute clarity about where you are heading professionally and personally. Get a glimpse of your true potential and what life will be like as a happier, healthier and successful version of yourself.

  • How To Turn Your Vision Into Reality With The 90-Day Reset

    Master your days, weeks and months by getting results focused with a 90 day game plan that will stretch you and increase your focus. Learn the 5-step process that will empower you to get out of your comfort zone, achieve your vision and deliver results fast.

  • How To Win Daily With The 10 Daily Habits

    Going deep into your own psychology takes commitment and a willingness to change negative patterns that are preventing you from achieving your goals. It's time to unleash your inner power and create your lasting legacy!

If I Offered To Give You £35,000 Right Now...Would You Take It?

In the next 90-days, it's very possible that you could FINALLY have the business you want with a healthy, balanced lifestyle that I know you've wanted to enjoy for a long time.

But it’s also possible that in 3 years you'll be paying the consequences of not taking action in your health, relationships and mindset.

The average cost of a divorce in the UK is £14,500 (a lot more when the property is involved).

Type 2 Diabetes has doubled in the last 20 years due to expanding much is it worth for you to avoid that?

7.6 million people living with circulatory and heart diseases in the UK - (450 deaths every day) are you at risk o leaving your kids behind too soon?

Do you really want to be spending money and time with a therapist analysing your life because you let it fall apart around you?

I've seen it happen too many times and I'm on a mission to stop it.

Whether you realise it or not, passing up on The 4 Keys Method today could cost you 100's of thousands over the course of the next 3 years.

If You’re Serious About Bettering Your Health, Improving Your Love Life And Reducing Your Stress Levels All Whilst Increasing Business Results...THIS Is Your GOLDEN Opportunity!

Before I sign off, I want to leave you with this…

The 4 Keys Method is your golden opportunity to learn everything you need to know to take back control of your life.

It's FREE...The 4 Keys Method is here to help you and so am I.

What are you waiting for?

I’ll see you inside!

Here’s What Our Last Group Of 4 Keys Challengers Had To Say


The 4 Keys Method Is Different, Here's Why -

✅ Life in 4 keys

In this workshop, you will discover how to live your life in 4 keys, bringing improvements to all aspects of your life. Discover how to reconnect and form stronger relationships with your loved ones. Turn back the years to get a stronger, fitter, healthier body and feel more mentally robust as you work on your mindset and become laser-focused on your future.

All of this whilst scaling your business with more freedom and control but less stress and anxiety than ever before.

✅ Transformation Based On Experience

Everything that I teach in The 4 Keys Method is born out of experience. I made the mistakes so you don't have to. Now countless of others have used this information to transform their lives.

When you join the challenge, you will get firsthand experience. I know what works and how to help you change.

✅ Proven Method

Thousands of business owners around the world have already used my methods to transform their lives and redefine their reality. When you join The 4 Keys 90-Day Reset you’re not just getting access to my content and ideas, you’re getting access to a proven method and way of life that has helped business owners the world over

✅ Results Focused

Some programmes don't care about your success, they only want your money. Then if you fail, they'll blame you. The Keys Method is invested in you and the results you get.

If you follow the plan and do what you're supposed to do, you will see results.